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By using the same techniques that I used (OCTAVE, PRIMEX, ACT, ANT, ACED, and LINGO), my students have been able to get the same success (on more than 20,000 occasions).

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Super Achievers & Their Scores

770 + Score

Rishabh Bansal: 770/800

Raghav Goel: 770/800

Avik Gupta: 770/800

Harsha N: 770/800

760 Score

Abhishek: 760/800

Ranjith K: 760/800

Tanmay Sarkar: 760/800

Vijay V: 760/800

700 + Score

Rohit Sahi: 740/800

Ankit Madaan: 740/800

Ankit Madaan: 730/800

Bijendra Singh: 700/800

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Here are some of the points that will help you to attain 740+ on the GMAT exam:

The GMAT is a computer-based, adaptive exam; student needs to take this into account while practicing. The exam literally judges you on every question. The algorithm of this adaptive exam is a tough nut to crack. If you get the first question right, then the next one, presumably, will be higher level question, and if you get a question wrong, then the next one will be lower level one. Also, the strategy that Indian students mostly employ in other competitive exams, such as CAT, NMAT, XAT, etc to leave/ skip a question and come back to it later is a luxury that you cannot afford on GMAT. You have to compulsory mark a question before moving on. It is imperative that you finish the Quant or Verbal section on time, otherwise a penalty is levied that has the potential to suck 60-70 points off your total score, depending on the number of questions you leave unattempted.

Pacing the exam properly is of critical value, ask any GMAT test taker! In such situations, practicing decent number of mocks with a personalized pacing chart helps a lot! You can develop your own pacing chart, depending on inherent strengths and weaknesses. Only a select few best GMAT coaching classes in Delhi can help to craft one that is tailor-made for you.

Last piece of advice, which may sound a bit counter-intuitive, for you is that don’t be focused on just the accuracy. GMAT is not a tough exam; it is a tricky one. There is world of difference between tough and tricky. The point is that getting an answer is not difficult on GMAT, if you do not time yourself. Everyone can get to the correct answer, presuming one does NOT take into account the time per question limit i.e. approximately 2 minutes per question. The catch is can you get to an answer in less than 2 minutes? -exactly where the actual game begins. Focus on the approach. Approach is the game changer. We, at Enzo Education, are obsessed with approach. We make sure that our students have a structured way to approach any question type that GMAT tests. This structured approach translates into tangible improvement in score within less than 2 weeks. Our student’s testimonials speak for themselves of our emphasis on approach to solve RC, CR, SC and Quant and of the wonders our ‘approach-centric’ coaching did for them.

Enzo Education has been able to craft a niche for itself in the overcrowded market of GMAT classes in Delhi by producing the highest number of 740+ scorers, thereby becoming the best coaching institute for gmat in Delhi or top gmat coaching in Delhi for students.